The Oxford Review of Books (ORB) is a cultural magazine based at Oxford University. It was founded in Trinity term 2017 by Daniel Kodsi, Katie Mennis and Benn Sheridan, and publishes one issue every Oxford term.

The ORB is home to long-form book reviews and essays, as well as diary pieces, interviews and poetry. The first issue included interviews with political and cultural figures such as Nick Clegg, Peter Singer, and the late Helen Dunmore, and articles on topics from the Classics to artificial intelligence. It can be purchased and delivered to Oxford colleges on the ‘Shop’ page of this website.

Letters and enquiries can be sent to editor@the-orb.org, and news can be found at www.facebook.com/this.is.the.orb.



Founding Editors

Daniel Kodsi
Katie Mennis
Benn Sheridan


Benjamin Davies
John Maier


Jessica Brown
Eleanor Duncan
Susannah Finlay
Nina Sandelson
Laela Zaidi

Artistic Director

Hope Sutherland

Graphic Director

Will Nelson

Artistic Team 

Mateusz Diak
Poppy Eastwood
Louise Tidmarsh

Events and Marketing

Ellie Gomes
Anna Watkinson




With Special Thanks to:

Darius Sanai
Laurence Heyworth
Josephine Pepper
Stephen Hawes